Senior High Notes 9th February 2024

Senior Musician of the Year 2024

Senior High Notes 9th February 2024

Yesterday marked a truly magnificent celebration of music here at Derby High. The talent displayed was nothing short of extraordinary, and I extend my congratulations to all the performers in House Music. Whether you graced the finals stage or participated in the heats, your dedication and passion for music shone brightly.

I want to express a special appreciation to Mrs Lesley for her exceptional organisation of this event. Her hard work ensured that the day flowed seamlessly, allowing our students to showcase their talents with confidence.

In my assembly today I asked the students to do the Superhero pose. This was not just a fun way to mimic the Man of Steel, it can actually boost your confidence and mood. Research suggests that assuming this confident posture, even for just a couple of minutes, can have tangible effects on your psyche. The act of expanding your body sends signals to your brain that you are confident and capable. Your cortisol levels decrease, reducing stress, while testosterone levels increase, promoting assertiveness. So, whether you are gearing up for a big presentation like some of our Year 13 have this week with their EPQ, a nerve-wracking exam, performing in House Music or just need a little boost of self-assurance before tackling your to-do list, strike the Superhero pose and feel the difference it can make.

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Intermediate Musician of the Year 2024