Senior High Notes 2nd February 2024

U13 Netball

Senior High Notes 5th February 2024

Did you know that on Neptune, it rains diamonds? This intriguing fact is just one of the many wonders we’ve uncovered through Astro Club. This fantastic club has been buzzing with excitement as we have had the privilege of hosting several outstanding guest speakers this term. They have shared their wealth of knowledge and passion for all things astrology, making each meeting an enlightening experience. Thanks go to Mr Dodson, who organises this club and ensures that we have enriching opportunities to explore the cosmos together.
In my assembly today I talked about optical illusions. This extraordinary phenomena challenges our understanding of reality. They remind us that what we perceive may not always align with what is truly there, they trick our brains, leading us to see things that defy logic and reason. We looked carefully at a geometric pattern which for some people was definitely moving, and an interesting pile of stones which had a hidden message in it that some people could see. Optical illusions teach us of the fallibility of perception. We must approach the world with an open mind, acknowledging that our senses may sometimes deceive us and all be encouraged to look beyond the surface of things.

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