Primary High Notes 7th June 2024

Year 1 Visit St Peters

Primary High Notes 7th June 2024

In my assembly yesterday, I shared a unique and humorous story about Shreddies, a well-loved breakfast cereal brand. Back in 2008, an innovative advertising campaign transformed Shreddies simply by changing its perspective—literally. By rotating the cereal square 45 degrees, they rebranded it as “Diamond Shreddies,” sparking curiosity and amusement among consumers. This clever twist not only revitalized the brand but also highlighted the power of changing our viewpoint.

Sometimes, looking at something in a different way can help us see new possibilities. Just like how turning Shreddies into “Diamond Shreddies” made them seem new and exciting, changing how we view a problem or situation can help us find solutions and opportunities. This shift in perspective can transform stress into motivation and challenge into triumph.

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