Primary High Notes 14th June 2024

Infant Sports Day

Primary High Notes 14th June 2024

Today is one of the most special days in our school calendar: Sports Day. It was an absolute pleasure to welcome so many infant parents this morning to share in this wonderful event. Sports Day holds a unique place in our hearts because it brings everyone together, creating an environment of camaraderie and celebration. Luckily the weather held off all morning, however as soon as the parents had left the heavens opened, and sadly we had to postpone the junior event this afternoon. I am delighted that we have managed to reschedule, and we look forward to welcoming parents next Friday for the Junior Sports Day.
In my primary school assembly yesterday, I shared a fascinating lesson from the humble goose, which beautifully illustrates the importance of community—something we cherish deeply here at Derby High. Just as geese fly in a V formation to achieve a 71% greater flying range than flying solo, our school thrives when we work together towards common goals. Sports Day perfectly exemplifies this spirit, as our houses work together, encouraging and supporting each other to achieve their best. When one goose tires, another takes the lead, demonstrating the value of shared leadership and mutual support. Similarly, our houses rely on each other’s strengths, talents, and encouragement to excel in both sports and academics. Geese honk to motivate their leaders, reminding us of the power of positive reinforcement and kindness, especially during challenging times. This was evident today as pupils cheered each other on, reinforcing the unity and support that are hallmarks of Derby High. When a goose is in trouble, others stay with it until it recovers, teaching us the importance of being there for one another through thick and thin. This same ethos was on full display as pupils helped and encouraged their peers throughout the events. As we reflect on these lessons, let’s continue to foster the sense of belonging and community that makes Derby High such a special place. Just as John Donne, the poet, wisely noted, “No man is an island,” we too need each other to soar to our greatest heights.

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