Senior High Notes 10th May 2024

Senior High Notes 10th May 2024

It has been a glorious week at school, with students taking full advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy our outdoor facilities. The sunshine has put an extra spring in everyone’s step as we approach the final stretch of the academic year.

We were delighted to welcome so many parents today for our first Parent Breakfast event. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our new refectory and give you a taste of the exceptional dining experience your children have each day. This is just the first in a series of parental events that we are planning now that we have more space.

Our GCSE and A-level students have now embarked on their external examination period after months of dedicated preparation. We are incredibly proud of the hard work and commitment they have demonstrated. Though the examinations present a challenge, their diligence has laid a strong foundation. We have no doubt they are ready to excel in this important next step.

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