Primary House Music

Primary House Music

It was wonderful to unite the whole of Primary together yesterday, to participate in the House Music competition.

Over 130 pupils entered the preliminary rounds and performed their instruments to gain points for their house. Last week in assembly, we awarded the first and second places for the instrumental part of the competition. The winners all received either a silver or a gold badge, with the gold badge winners going through to the final competition on 2nd March.

All Primary pupils and staff gathered in the Senior Hall yesterday and we listened to twelve polished performances from our instrumental finalists. After long deliberation from our panel of three judges, a winner was chosen from each age range. All of our finalists gave polished performances – well done to Aurelie, Olivia, Sapphire, Evie, Lara, Rianne, Jack, Madeleine, Maisie, Oskar, Aoife and Bella.

Congratulations to Olivia, who won the Year 1 and Year 2 section with her fantastic performance of ‘A whole New World’ on the piano; to Lara who won the Year 3 and Year 4 section for playing so beautifully on her violin ‘Y delyn Newydd’.

Primary House Music Competition
Derby High Primary House Music Winner

For the Year 5 and Year 6 section we had two winners, Oskar, who rocked us with a virtuosic performance of ‘2 minutes to midnight’ on the Electric guitar and Maisie, who gave a stunning performance of ‘Stars’.

We then watched each house singing their Matilda song in turn. St David started with a moving version of ‘When I grow up’. We then heard St George, who wowed us with ‘Naughty’. St Patrick were next to perform their super version of ‘School Song’ and finally we listened to St Andrew who closed the event with their dramatic performance of ‘Revolting Children’. The judges again, deliberated as to who should win the trophy – such a difficult decision as all houses produced such polished performances with strong singing throughout. St George won the House Song competition and the overall House winner was St George.

Congratulations to the following children, who were awarded a certificate for their outfit – Rosie, Evie, Saoirse, Aiden, Mimi, Frazer, Trisha and Corey.

Many thanks to parents for supporting their children with their singing and also providing superb costumes yesterday. Thank you to the Primary Team for encouraging the children to perform to their best.