Primary High Notes 8th September 2023

BBQ on 7th Sept

Primary High Notes 8th September 2023

It was fabulous to lead my first Primary assembly of the year yesterday. The children were in fine voice, singing the hymn One More Step Along the World I Go, quite an apt hymn as we start a new academic journey this year.

We shared what we were excited to be doing this year, from new, harder maths to residential trips and making new friends. I explained that each of us would take our own unique journey, with high points and choices along the way. The temptation at times might be to do what the person next to you is doing or follow the crowd. Did you know that we share about 98% of our DNA with a buffalo? Buffalos are amazing creatures, they move in large groups, herds. Perhaps we are pre-programmed with a herd mentality. But the buffalo outlook does present problems for all of us. We can easily forget about what is most important – ourselves, who we are and what is right for us as an individual.

As we stand at the beginning of this new academic year, I urged everyone to embrace the spirit of individuality and uniqueness. Not be afraid to venture down the path that speaks to their heart, even if it seems less familiar or more challenging. The road less travelled may be the one that leads to their true passions and dreams. School is a place where our pupils have the freedom to explore their interests, to question, to create, and to innovate. It’s a place where they can be themselves, where they can cultivate their own identity, and where they can make choices that align with their values and aspirations. My advice at the start of this new academic year is know yourself, back yourself, avoid the herd. If you truly know yourself, you will make the right choices. If you ever find yourself having made the wrong choices, seek to understand yourself better. Do not be afraid to take the road less travelled, for it may lead you to extraordinary places.

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BBQ on field 7th Sept