Primary High Notes 26th April 2024

Primary at Serving Hatch

Primary High Notes 26th April 2024

It has been wonderful to welcome everyone back this week, and particularly exciting to open the doors of our new refectory. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of joining our primary children for lunch, and witnessing their animated faces and sheer enjoyment as they reunited with their friends was truly heart-warming. For the first time at Derby High, all primary and senior pupils are able to share meals in the same space. It is truly incredible how this new building has not only expanded our physical space but also gifted us with precious moments to connect and grow as a community.

I have today sent you all the summary document of the main findings from the online parent survey undertaken last month. Please know that your feedback is being carefully reviewed and will be used to inform our planning and decision-making processes moving forward. Together, we can work towards making our school an even better place for our children to learn, grow and thrive. We are truly grateful for your continued support and engagement in our school community. Your participation in the survey demonstrates your commitment to partnering with us in ensuring the success and well-being of our pupils.

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Year 4 lunch