High Notes 13th October 2023

Derby High Wildflower Seeds Project

High Notes 13th October 2023

On 6th October, our school embarked on an inspiring initiative by sowing wildflower seeds in our Conservation Area. We are privileged to have this natural haven within our school grounds and it is crucial to protect it. Despite the modest 8m by 8m size, this project carries the profound potential to help combat the decline of our native wildflower species and support a diverse range of wildlife, including bees, butterflies, pollinators, wild birds, and even small mammals. From our youngest Wrens to our Sixth Form students, pupils from every year group came together to sow their wildflower seeds, each group tending to their designated 2m x 2m square, demarcated by a stake, which will remain in place until the blossoms emerge.
Please do not walk on this area and help our wildflowers bloom. This project will keep giving our school community beautiful wildflowers and a home for lots of wildlife for many years to come.

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Derby High Wild Flower Project