Young Enterprise

Derby High School is a  “Centre of Excellence”  for its work in Enterprise Education. The award was made by Young Enterprise and recognises the School’s commitment and success within the company programme that encourages sixth form students to set up and run their own businesses.

The majority of our Year 12s take part in the programme each year and Derby High has enjoyed tremendous success recently including two county champion companies. 

Young Enterprise Update... April 2016

Rounding off the Young Enterprise year, our team, Picturesque, attended the County Final of Young Enterprise, after our selection at the South Derbyshire final.

We arrived at the Roundhouse in Derby in the afternoon and set up our stall, showcasing our products. We then went straight into rehearsals for our presentation later in the evening, which led to us having a few technical problems with our video! Luckily, Mr Lee was happy to help and arrived shortly after to fix the computer and our presentation!

Part of the competition entailed a brief interview with the judges, where they asked detailed questions relating to our products and brand. It was challenging and certainly felt like being in the board room with Lord Sugar!

After watching the other teams' presentations, it was time to give ours in front of all the other teams and judges. The presentation ran smoothly, with no technical errors and was given rapturous applause at the end.

Towards the end of the night, the awards were presented. We were all excited for this part of the evening, as we were hoping to pick up at least one award. We definitely weren't expecting two awards! We picked up Best Marketing and Best Teamwork which was fantastic. Although we didn't get through to the next round, we were so proud of ourselves and what we had achieved through this process. (Becky Moon L6)

Young Enterprise update... February 2016

In February, all Young Enterprise teams across Derbyshire took part in a Trade Fair at the Intu shopping centre, including our two DHS teams - Picturesque and Inkgenious. The heat was on to set up our stall in readiness for public viewing; indeed DHS were the first to sell!

We battled it out to win over the judges to get into the next stage of the Young Enterprise competition. My team (Inkgenious) organised ourselves into three shifts to sell all day. It was very entertaining to walk around (and spy upon!) the other stalls to see what they had to offer.  

Throughout the day, several judges, including the mayor, came to our stall to talk to us, ask questions about our products, how they were sourced and even bought some of them! Towards the end of the day we were asked to do a presentation in front of the judges describing our company and its products. I have had a fabulous Young Enterprise journey, and I hope that our experience continues. (Olivia Walsh, L6)

Introducing our 2015/16 Young Enterprise Companies…



Our Young Enterprise company is called Picturesque and our aim is to provide a new retro way to hang photos, artwork, cards, recipes and many other personal items people would like to display, instead of using stands or boards on walls so it looks more appealing in their home.

We have created a holder in 3 different sizes that consists of a wooden frame with wire banners to clip items on.

Our team led by our managing director, Saamah Shaukat, are motivated and supportive of each other and with our great teamwork; we hope to become a successful company, providing the public with a unique and versatile product, which proves to be very useful to our customers. 



Our Young Enterprise team, INKgenious, is an inventive and original company, selling unique office supplies.

We have created a range of products with differing designs, comprising of mugs, pencils, and cards. Our products are long lasting, useful, appealing and distinctive.

Our chief aim is to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We work to the best of our ability to gain full customer satisfaction.

In the future, we hope to continue developing our company, by releasing new designs and new product ideas. We hope that from our Young Enterprise experience, we will excel with our learning about business.

Young Enterprise Update... April 2015

On Monday 27th April, the 'A Frame Of Mine' team went to Matlock County Council for the Regional Finals of the Company of the Year award. 

After seeing the competition from other areas of the region we were determined to do out best and keep up the title of having the Best Presentation.

The first stage was to set up out trade stand in which we had our various products and our information board so people walking by could see what our team is all out. The next stage was to go for an interview with the judges in which we were asked various questions about our company and product. We then had a short break for us to get some pizza and prepare for the ever important presentation. We had already set the bar high from the Area Final but the pressure was higher, after hours of practising and learning of our lines, we had to wait to find out the results.

After a tortuous wait we were thrilled to receive Best Presentation Award and Best Marketing Award, although we didn't get through to the next round we were extremely proud of our outcome as we feel we have left on a high.  

By Suzi Braithwaite (L6)

Mr Lee, Mrs Hilton and Mr Gilbert from the University of Derby who is the business adviser to the group this year were at the final to cheer the team on.  Well done!


Young Enterprise Update... March 2015...

On 18th March both of the Lower Sixth Young Enterprise teams, A Frame of Mine and Dimension, travelled to Derby University to compete in the South Derbyshire area final.

Both teams started the afternoon off with the dreaded interview with the eight judges. Fortunately they were all friendly, but they still felt compelled to ask some really tough questions!

The interviews all went smoothly and after a delicious Domino’s pizza (courtesy of Mr Lee) we all settled down into the lecture theatre to give our presentations. As each competitor performed, adrenalin started to kick in.

Dimension was the first of the two teams to present, followed shortly by A Frame of Mine. Both teams blew the audience away with their professionalism, which was evident by the one trophy and three certificates that were awarded to us.

A Frame of Mine came in third place, meaning they go through to the Derbyshire County Final in April. Unfortunately, Dimension didn’t make it through to the next round, but it was still a great achievement to get this far.

By Angharad Phipps (L6)

Many thanks to Mike Gilbert of the University of Derby who has been a fantastic Business Advisor to the two teams and also to Mrs Hilton, Economics & Business teacher at Derby High who runs our Young Enterprise activities and without whom none of this would be possible.


We were pleased to learn that one of our Young Enterprise companies has won the Young Enterprise Business Plan competition for the Derbyshire area.  Marianne Cooke (L6), one of the Managing Directors of 'Dimension' describes the process involved in putting the plan together:

"For Young Enterprise, one of the initial tasks is to write the business plan, an essential piece of work when setting up a new business. Our team, Dimension, chose to do this after we had brainstormed and decided on our product (an innovative paper holder).

We worked hard to cover our plans for the future of our newly established business (including an outline of prospective advertising streams and our target market) and sent the document off to the Area Board for Young Enterprise for it to be judged.

It was at the YE Mid-Year Training Event that we were told the winners of the Business Plan competition (for the Derbyshire Area). We were delighted to find out that we had won, and were presented with the award by the Mayor.

This was a brilliant start to our Young Enterprise journey and a lovely achievement after the hard work and teamwork that we had put into our Business Plan."


Young Enterprise Update... February 2015...

This year was another successful year for the YE students.  They set up a stall and sold to customers in the Intu centre Derby, getting their first taste of retail.   


Both groups put on an eye-catching display to attract passers-by and then closed the sales with personal selling. 

Mike Gilbert the group’s advisor from the University of Derby was there and said that he was very impressed with the display and that Derby High had two strong groups this year. 

The girls had to present to a panel of judges during the day and we now keep our fingers crossed to see if they go through to the regional heats. 

Mrs Gould, Mr Lee and Mrs Hilton all attended the stand to support the girls and all said how impressed they were with the displays and the confidence of the selling skills of the girls.  Well done to all involved.