A-Level results

Derby High School students have, once again in 2016, achieved impressive A-level grades with many individual success stories as a result of students’ hard work.   Individuals have achieved their best in a wide variety of courses, including more than 60% studying STEM subjects at a level.

The school continues to show an impressive 5 year average of 40% of grades at A*/A, with over two thirds of students achieving A*-B.

Headteacher Denise Gould said: “This was an unusually small year group of just 23 students, who have made an excellent contribution to school life throughout their time at the school and worked hard to achieve their best results.   It would be wrong to focus on individuals in such a small year group but we are delighted to see the girls choosing a wide variety of pathways, where the impressive skills they have developed will be put to excellent use. 

Mrs Gould said: “Research consistently shows the strength of girls’ schools in encouraging girls into science and engineering but we are equally proud of our track record in the arts, humanities and languages.   Once again, we can be proud of our young leaders of the future."

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