Latest Drama Productions

The Wizard of Oz

About 100 staff and students took part in the amazing whole school production of the Wizard of Oz.

Everyone had their part to play be it on stage or behind the scenes, in the orchestra or singing and dancing.


There were four performances in total to families, fellow students, Cedar Tree care home and Year 5 from Griffe Field Primary School in Littleover.


Jayne Webster, Head of English, directed the production. She said: “It went really well and everyone enjoyed it, the students had a great deal of fun and the main characters led the show. The costumes were amazing! As we had an orchestra there was singing and dancing and it gave everyone a chance to show off their particular talent.”

Photographs from the performance are available to view and purchase from David Adcock Photography.  Parents wishing to view the photos should contact school reception for the password to allow them onto the site:


Alice in Wonderland

More than 40 students took part in our lower school production of Alice in Wonderland.  Prefects Annie McCandless, Miriam Methuen-Jones and Kiran Samra, all 17, directed the performance which took place in October 2014.

The girls chose Alice in Wonderland before they broke up for the summer term this year and then started preparing for the show in early September.  Annie said: “We wanted to chose something that was quirky and we thought that Alice in Wonderland would be perfect and we also wanted to do something quite challenging. We wanted it to be a performance that lots of people would want to come and see.”

The girls held auditions and selected the cast from students in Years 7, 8 and 9 before starting rehearsals twice a week.

Annie said: “That was the really fun bit, getting all of the girls together and seeing how they were on stage.”

Miriam said she enjoyed the challenge of being a director. 

She said: “It was hard but good fun, we had five weeks to get everything ready so it was a bit tight but we did it. It went really well on the night and everyone enjoyed it. It’s definitely helped me with my confidence and I feel more able to speak to people I haven’t met before.”

Kiran said she found being behind the scenes rather than on stage an interesting experience.

She said: “I love drama and I’m usually in the plays so it was strange being on the other side and realising how much work goes into putting a performance together.”

Photographs from the performance are available to view and purchase from David Adcock Photography.  Parents wishing to view the photos should contact school reception for the password to allow them onto the site:



Our Town

Thirty students took part in the latest whole school drama production performing Our Town, a 1938 three act play by American playwright Thornton Wilder, over two performances in March 2014.

Miss Supran, Head of Drama,  who worked with fellow drama teacher and co-director Miss Jukes, said the production went well.

She said: “It was a really heart-warming family drama that focused on appreciating the little things in life. There were two families in the show and it was a real ensemble performance, it wasn’t a case of there being one or two stars of the show.

“The performance was a huge success, with the cast working supportively as an ensemble.  It was well received by the audience and full of moments of humour and pathos.”

Well done to everyone involved, both on stage and behind the scenes. 



Fantastic Mr Fox

On the 10th and 11th October audiences at Derby High were treated to the Lower School production of Fantastic Mr Fox, Roald Dahl’s well loved tale about a fox who outwits three mean and wealthy farmers.


Each performance showcased the talents of a cast of forty Derby High students ably directed by Sixth Formers: April Roworth, Annie McCandless, Hannah Land and Madeleine Sutton.


Amelia Barlow (U4) obviously enjoyed playing the cunning Mr Fox and carried the show along brilliantly as she outsmarted the farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean played by Laura Gray, Sofia Sheikh and Juliet Whitmore (all U4).


Georgina Millband’s (L4) maternal portrayal of Mrs Fox and the delightfully playful nature of the four fox cubs played by Alex Redfern, Catriona Judd, Abigail Davies and Freya Lockley (all L4) provided all the opportunity to show off their excellent acting skills.


In 2011 our Spring production was My Fair Lady and in 2012 the Spring production was Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The 2013 Spring production was Calamity Jane.

To view a pupil film about the making of Much Ado About Nothing please click on the video below the pictures on the right.