House Drama

House Drama is held annually in November and is a firm favourite on the school calendar with girls from Year 7 through to the Upper Sixth joining forces to stage performances in their School Houses with a view to winning the coveted House Drama Trophy.

This year's House Drama competition took place on Thursday 20th November in the Senior Hall.  A full house awaited each of the four half-hour long plays, not really knowing what to expect other than a marvellous evening of entertainment and they weren’t disappointed!   

St David got the ball rolling with ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’ a play about an invalid who accidentally overhears a phone call where a murder is plotted.  Mirela Novakovic gave a stunning performance as Mrs Stevenson – her recall of so many lines was astonishing and the way the play was staged by the St David cast and crew was praised by the evening’s adjudicator, former pupil and Drama teacher, Lucy Bramley.



St George performed a bright comedy about the extraordinary powers of Ernie Fraser in ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’.  The play was lively, hilarious at times and made very good use of the screen at the rear of the screen for a shadow boxing sequence.  The casting of Lucy Carpenter in the role of Ernie, Head Girl Maddie Sutton in the role of Ethel and Joanne Skinner in the role of Albert delighted the audience and this play also gave several other budding actresses in St George the chance to shine – Amelia Barlow, Georgie Bullivant, Nat Davies and Laura Rose Gee to name just a few.


The atmosphere in the hall changed for ‘Us and Them’ staged and performed by St Patrick.  A thought-provoking play offering a simple yet powerful insight into human nature and the thought processes that lead to divisions and conflict in society.  Issey Yee, in the role of the Recorder, carried the piece along brilliantly with standout performances from both Caroline Whittingham and Lissy Fothergill although, if the truth were to be told, every girl on the stage made their presence felt in this moving production.


St Andrew rounded the evening off with ‘Sharks in the Custard’.  The two main roles in this play were brilliantly characterised by Jennifer Mitchell and Sarah Hawksworth who played the part of cleaning ladies in a municipal gallery.  Miriam Methuen-Jones, Sophie Woodcock, Fran Hannay, Camilla Scott and Aman Qamar made up the rest of a small cast not to mention Jairaaj Sandhu whose body language alone spoke volumes in her non-speaking role as the museum’s security guard.

Lucy Bramley (a Derby High Old Girl) had the unenviable task of adjudicating the evening’s performances.  She awarded Best Actress to Lucy Carpenter (St George) and Best Play to St George.  The audience also had the opportunity to choose their favourite play for the People’s Choice Award and this too went to St George.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved both on stage and behind the scenes.  In truth, the  audience were the real winners on the night enjoying as they did four marvellous performances.