The school organises many highly rewarding and life-changing trips in this country and abroad.

Every two years, girls from Year 11 and the Sixth Form have the opportunity to take part in a World Challenge Trip which they plan and organise themselves. Last year the girls trekked through Myanmar and in previous years they have journeyed along the Silk Route starting in Kyrgyzstan, climbed volcanoes in Nicaragua, trekked through Mongolia, visited Argentina and explored Mexico.  Next year's World Challenge Expedition will see Derby High girls visiting Africa.

Sports tours to Malta took place in October 2016 and 2014 and another, this time to Gibraltar, took place in 2012.

As well as the usual regular geography field trips in the UK, a further flung geography trip is set to consider the geothermal wonders of Iceland in 2017.  This year will also see the biannual joint ski trip with Derby Grammar School take place - this time to Italy.

There are also music trips abroad whenever the opportunity is available.  During Activity Week (held each year near the end of the Summer term) an outward bounds trip (or class adventure) takes place as does a theatre and shopping visit to London for the Lower Sixth girls.

There is also a programme of visits to take advantage of learning in the wider context. There are regular trips to support learning in Science, Geography, Religious Studies and History and annual trips to France and Germany. 

I love Derby High School because we get to go on World Challenge.
Ruby, aged 15