Drama on the curriculum

Drama is a creative course. The aims of the drama courses at Derby High are to develop the following: an interest in and understanding of drama and theatre; an extension of self and group awareness; imaginative, creative, cognitive and social skills; and, an increased confidence in communication skills.  GCSE Students studying drama at Derby High have the opportunity to attend at least four live performances per year (on top of those being performed in school!).

At A Level our pupils take Theatre Studies which builds on the skills developed at GCSE Drama. Our Theatre Studies students gain a knowledge and understanding of theatre practice through their engagement with the medium as both participant and informed audience member. They also develop performance and / or production skills appropriate to the creation and realisation of drama and theatre.

Over the two year A Level course, students will have the opportunity to experience the different rehearsal methods of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski, Stafford Clarke, Artaud and Brecht. They have the opportunity to work in the style of exciting contemporary theatre companies, such as Frantic Assembly, Knee High and DV8. They use this knowledge to make their own rehearsal processes dynamic and explorative.