Sport on the curriculum

Physical Education is compulsory for all pupils in the school and they follow a varied programme of individual activities and team games. In the first years of Senior School, these include hockey, netball, gymnastics, dance, rounders, tennis and athletics. As girls progress through the school, sports and activities such as volleyball, trampolining, basketball and badminton are added to the programme.

At GCSE level the subject content is concerned with the factors affecting participation and performance, and consists of three sections: Exercise and Training; Influences on a healthy, active lifestyle; and, Physical Activities.

At A Level students will investigate what constitutes a healthy and active lifestyle; consider how competitive sport has developed over time; develop practical experiences; conduct independent research into the structure, provision and analysis of sport and physical activity; develop a knowledge of understanding of the short and long term physiological and psychological preparations made by elite athletes; and, construct a development plan to further their performance as a player, leader or official.