Careers Advice

Career advice at Derby High focusses on the three main transition stages

1)     GCSE choices

2)     Post-16 choices

3)     Higher Education/Employment post 18

Careers advice begins in Year 7 and steps up a gear when option subjects have to be chosen in Year 9. A series of careers lessons and information to parents provides the assistance needed to help girls to make these decisions. Individual appointments to seek advice from careers staff are also available. The aim is to keep as many options open whilst making sure that the subject combination is suitable for the individual concerned. The girls are encouraged to widen their career horizons with the help of careers software and visits from guest speakers including “Old Girls” of the School.

During the two year GCSE course, advice is available at any time but particularly in Year 11 when A Level choices or other career decisions have to be made. Morrisby Career profiling software is a valuable tool used at this stage and often generates further individual discussion with students. Most girls will have the opportunity to do some work experience either in Year 10 or after GCSEs in Year 11. The girls can use the Derbyshire County Council database to search for a suitable placement. Often the main benefits of a first placement are those of personal development, the feeling of being independent and communicating with others. The girls are required to complete a work experience diary as they find out about the world of work and reflect on the skills required.

Post-18 career advice aims to help the students become aware of the opportunities available to them after they leave school. The majority of our girls go on to higher education but we also ensure that they are aware of the rapidly changing post-18 marketplace and there has been a steady increase in students taking what could be considered non-traditional routes after leaving Derby High. We provide a comprehensive UCAS advice and assistance service, career sessions including guest speakers on apprenticeships and a variety of gap year and volunteer opportunities. We actively promote post 18 financial well-being through a combination of in-house sessions and university guest speakers. In addition to the headline events there is a heavy emphasis on individual consultations between pupils and the appropriate member of staff whether this is with the pastoral or careers team. The relatively small size of the sixth form ensures that all of the girls have their individual needs catered for.

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