Senior Scholarships

Scholarships can be awarded to girls entering Year 7 and the Lower Sixth and are valid for 5 years and 2 years respectively.

Suitability for an Academic Scholarship in Year 7, will be assessed by a separate scholarship paper taken on Entrance Exam day by all Scholarship applicants. General performance measured on the rest of the Entrance Exams and from internal assessments for Derby High School pupils will also be taken into consideration.

Scholarships for Music, Sport, Drama and Art & Design are awarded each year in Year 7.  For further details please contact Sue Callaghan, School Registrar.

Headteacher’s Scholarships may be awarded to girls entering Year 7 who perform well in the Entrance Exam and who are not awarded any other scholarship, but who are likely to make a significant contribution to the broader life of the school, for example in music, drama and / or sport.

Any remission will apply only to the basic school fee, not to any extras.

Awards range from £1,000 to £1,500 and any combination of awards will not exceed 25% of full fees.

Please visit the Sixth Form Scholarships page for details of scholarships available in the Sixth Form.