Everyone Deserves to Have a Chance!
By Priya, Josie, Niamh & Eva





The Eco & School Council

Every Monday either eco or school council have a meeting with the rest of the Ecos or school councils with Mrs Carey and must report problems such as: wasting food, scraping plates properly and flushing the toilet and things that we could improve on in school.

In the past, we have had suggestions, such as a school newspaper. We also had reminders about not wasting food and looking after the environment inside and outside of school. Talking about the environment, we have had comments about not wasting electricity, turning off the lights when you exit the room and flushing the toilet. We have also made a Bug Hotel and it is already occupied, we also have a bird box on the side of the Senior School with a bird camera in it in disguise.


This is the Eco team for Derby High 2017:

Melbourne: Leah   Tissington: Tara

Haddon:Rosie      Kedleston:  James 

Hardwick: Priya    Calke:  Josie

Y6: Chandreyi, Megan & Antonella


We also have duties every day to pick up the litter in the playground and around the school.Here is the rota:
















 Here are some quotes from, the Staff and Pupils:

Q:Do you think that school council and eco have helped the schools benefit?

 Mrs Gould

‘‘I think that the eco team and school council have helped the school amazingly and school council and eco have worked very hard.’’

 Mrs Hannaford

‘‘Yes because eco and school council have brought new things to school and amazing ideas.’’

Mrs E

‘‘Yes because I think everyone deserves a say and now people are heard more and more the school is getting even better.’’

Mrs Courtney-Hale

‘’Yes because their sensible decisions are comfortable to abide by.’’

Mrs Souter

‘’Yes definitely.’’


“I think we have because they help to make the school a better place.”

 Mrs Lamb

“Yes I would, there are some lovely ideas going into consideration.’’

Mrs Tudor

“I think it’s a good idea that we have School Council and Eco representatives so each pupil can be viewed and heard.’’

Mrs Swainston    

"Yes I do because I think it is important that children have a say and sometimes children have better ideas than grown-ups!’’


"Eco’s decisions are really good because it helps the school out SO much. I would rate the Eco team as 9.5/10.’’


As you can see, our  School Council and Eco representatives play a big role in making sure this school is a fun and happy place to be!

For many years, every Tuesday, School Council meet up to discuss ways to make the school a better place. We help the school become a better environment for the students and the teachers.  In every classroom, there is a suggestion box so everyone can contribute ideas and worries.`

We are delighted to inform you that we have been raising money for Canine Partners charity, we raised £1,199.50. We went to school wearing purple so we had to give in a pound we also raised money by purchasing Canine partners keyrings and badges.

House Dance was also one of the things we have participated in, School Council arranged House Dance to encourage students to work together.

 Here are some quotes from Mrs Carey, the School Council leader…

1.             What do you think School Council is all about?

            “Giving the children a chance to have a voice, to share their ideas and to make school the 

              best it can be”                                                                         

 2.             Do you like being the leader of School council?

              “I Love it “

 3.             Which idea has had the best impact on the School from School Council? Probably the garden area on the field or maybe or House Dance we have also done the fish tank and we decided that the school should have biscuits once a week. 

  4.              Why do you think school council is a good way to help the school?

               It gives children ownership and responsibility.         

 5.            Why did you choose to be the leader of School Council?

            I love working with children and listening to their ideas.

  6.           If you had to describe school council in three words what would they be?

                Bright, enthusiastic and Innovative.       

7.             What would you rate School Council out of 10?

               I would most definitely rate it 10 out of 10.


We have developed a worry box for students that are insecure or are suffering anxiety you put it in the box and if you want the teachers to listen to what you have to say you can put your name on it so they can discuss with you about your worries.

We have also hosted Christianity club were Chaplain Jo comes and teaches students about religion. Some of my friends really likes Christianity club because they get to learn different aspects of God, Erin enjoys going to Christianity club because she feels like you have a voice and you can share your opinions.

We have tried our very best to make our school to the highest standards, we feel that we have produced great ideas with students help we have made Derby High the best it can be with more amazing students and incredible teachers we have worked together to creative a fantastic school were young learners can make friend and learn responsibility.

As you can see, our  School Council and Eco representatives play a big role in making sure this school is a fun and happy place to be!