Terrific Trips
By Isabelle, Millie, Olivia & Yusairah

In our school there are a wide variety of exciting trips and residentials, which improve our learning in a fun way. Derby High picks their school trips carefully and there is plenty of awareness of child safety. The staff make no mistakes when it comes to school trips, they’re always sensational! We also asked a few people about their favourite trips and Ayesha in Year 5 commented that Edale was her favourite trip so far.

A few weeks ago Year 6 got to travel to fabulous France and did lots of exciting activities. Antonella in Year 6 said “I loved the blindfolded trail activity!” The France trip was a great experience for the Year 6s and it put their French skills to good use!

Recently, Year 5 got the opportunity to travel to Edale in the phenomenal Peak District, for two nights and we gained many skills like: Team building, new friendships and a lot of the time we used the T4l skills, like responsible risk, persistence, communication and collaboration. When we got back we started a project about our experience in Edale. Lottie in Year 5 said,” I thought it was 10/10, my favourite activity was abseiling and I would happily go to Edale again,” It was an enjoyable experience for the whole Year group and everyone loved it!

Kingswood is an exciting residential trip for Year 4 as Isabella says “I would rate it 9/10 and my favourite part was the Zip wire,” and best of all it’s not just the children doing all of the activities; the teachers take part as well!  

This is Kingswood


This is Edale


Every year the Year 3’s go to York for their first residential trip. Tara in Year 3 said, “I am looking forward to sleeping over with my friends and the activities we will do at York,” They are extremely excited about it! There are lots of interesting activities to do, including a visit to The Dig, which is a museum based on the Viking era and is an experience to remember. They also go to the local minster which is full of amazing colours and they also go to visit The Jorvik Viking Centre.

As well as residential trips we have many day trips, such as the Black Country Living Museum, Cadbury World, Plantscape and Thinktank. These trips are all linked to each class’s topic work and give pupils a chance to learn new skills. Soon we will be going to see the Birmingham Symphony Concert, Mrs Soutar, our music teacher, organises many other fantastic choir trips, such as: Young Voices in Birmingham and 'Carols by Candlelight’ at The Haven Christian church.

As you can see, Derby High School runs so many exciting trips. We decided to ask a student to describe our school trips in one word, ‘Ecstatic!’ exclaimed Kiera, age 11.

Mrs Hearne says “I think school trips are an adventure.”    Mrs Soutar says “I think it is good to take further experience outside the classroom as it enhances work done in school.”     Mrs Hannaford says “They are fun and you get to learn new things.”