Colourful Walls
By Esther M & Annabel

Displays are an important part of Derby High School, as they celebrate our achievements, inform and inspire us!

Trips display

At the top of the stairs you will find our picture - filled display of all our residential trips (click here to visit the "Terrific Trips” blog by Isabelle, Olivia and Yusairah.) Also, (through the double doors to your left) you will find a display written by Year 4 about their trip to Little Moreton Hall.

The Art Competition Display

At the moment, we have all our hard work of the art competition on display, from the youngest to the oldest pupils in the primary school. In 2017, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have focused on specific artists to create a piece of work inspired by one of the artists on the list (of their choice). We interviewed a sixth former called Emma and she said our art work is ‘so creative and that it catches her eye’. We also interviewed a teacher called Miss Baker. Miss Baker thinks the Art Competition is good because it gives children a chance to express themselves and to work independently.

Classroom displays

In our lovely classrooms our teachers have kindly put up displays of our work. Sometimes, they put up displays with exciting words to help us when we are writing creatively (for instance).  Even the corridors around school are brightly decorated with our artwork and writing!

Sports Display

Right next to the hall you will discover that there is a display about some of our sports clubs and after school clubs. (Please click here to visit Alexa, Ayesha and Evie’s blog called ‘Clubs’.) For the sports clubs there are times and dates (for lunch time and after school clubs).

Meet the Prefects Display

As soon as you walk through the doors to the junior building you will find the Meet the Prefects display. The Head girl is at the top who is called Kirthi and we think she is a great Head Girl; she supports the school very well. (Please click here to visit the "behind the scenes" blog by Sophia, Sophie Emma.S and Natalie.)    


There are so many wonderful displays at Derby High School. Next time you are in school, be sure to take a look!