Classroom Credits
By Amelie, Louisa & Madeleine B


All the Classrooms are very colourful and they really capture the true personality of Derby High School. They lift your spirits when you walk through the door, click here to go to colourful walls by Esther M and Annabel to find out about the amazing displays at our wonderful school.

The Year 3 classrooms have their own features and that’s what makes them extra special. For example the year 3 classrooms have displays that are unique to their subjects.

The Year 4 classrooms we feel are really full of life and friendship as they encourage children to be polite and positive around the teacher and their classmates, the displays inspire creativity towards fun and interesting learning that have benefits for students in later life.

The Year 5 classrooms are outstanding, they are unique and we feel that the art and beauty about the classrooms are a very important tribute to school life. Just by all the hard work that is put in the displays and the classrooms appearance, and how they are hopefully appreciated by you, the students and teachers.

The Year 6 classrooms have great displays and they present the standard of Year 6. The classrooms have their own lay out and their own name so we know the difference easily. We all know how special and important the classrooms are to the children and teachers.

The classrooms mean a lot to Derby High School and without them the school wouldn’t be as special as it already is!


Mr Gould

When you came to this school what did you think of the classrooms?

I didn’t like them at first but I think me and my class have completely transformed it into a space that is reserved for fun learning, and I think my class agree!

What do you like most about your classroom?

I like how spacious and roomy it is and how it has a beautiful view of the field and we take advantage of that on sunny days.

When you first came to this school a few months ago how did you liked your classroom and how have you fit it to match you and your class’s personality?

When I first came I found it a little bit deceiving so we took some furniture out to make it really spacious and now we have a chance to do amazing and enjoyable activities like Maths and Science.



Mrs E.B

How did you create a classroom that matches your personality?

I think I haven’t just altered the classroom to fit my personality I think I have got a balance between what I think is best and what my class think but as we spend most of our time in there I want it to fit everybody’s personality.

When you came into the classroom what was your first impression?

It is bigger than my last classroom as we had the smallest classroom last year. It is brighter and there are more ways to arrange the tables and desks.