Food Glorious Food
By Daisy, Maddie & Tulika

School lunches at Derby High has something for everyone. From a large range of fabulous fruit, scrumptious salad and a great selection of hot meals and perfect puddings.  Our school is a mixed culture where there is food that is vegetarian and gluten free. This school caters for all allergies including milk, nuts and coeliac.

Main meals include –Chicken tikka, battered fish, roast beef and much more!

Puddings include-iced yum yums, chocolate pudding, pleasant peachy crumble and a large range of fruit as well as yogurt.


Also, there is a wide variety of sandwiches including tasty cobs and delicious wraps filled with many different yummy fillings. The main flavours are ham, tuna and cheese on white or brown.

At break time, the food varies from a variety of fresh fruit to pick from, including, ripe, red apples, juicy oranges, scrumptious pears and yummy bananas also, there will be carrot sticks or cucumber. To drink we have refreshing milk and water. And once a week we either get biscuits or crisps.

Mrs EB, one of the Junior school teachers' favourite school dish is lasagne and a delightful dish of crumble.

Sahban, one of the Junior school pupils favourite school lunch is pizza and ice cream.

Miss Baker, one of the Junior school teachers loves a colourful salad and a crunchy cornflake tart.

Zoe, a pupil at the Primary school, her favourite food is shepherd’s pie and rice pudding

Naomi, a pupil at the Primary school her favourite lunch is pizza and chocolate cake.

Tilly, a pupil who adores food just like her sister, loves chicken pie and scrumptious shortbread.

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Derby High.  The food we have been given gives us the power we need to enjoy our fun packed days.  We are grateful to all the people who prepare and serve our food.

Please click here to access examples of the menus for Derby High Primary and Seniors!

Derby High have a varied, delicious and nutritious menu which pupils and staff love.