Perfect Pals & Friendly School rules
By Lottie, Maya & Lia

Hello, and welcome to our blog. Here you will find our top tips on friends and Derby High School rules. We hope you enjoy.



Here are some of the things we hope will help you when trying to make friends at Derby High.

  1. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  2. Be kind, helpful and honest.
  3. Always try your best.
  4. Think before you speak or act.
  5. Take responsibility in your own learning.
  6. Think of others before yourself.(on the purple camera we took a picture of the school rules)


We interviewed a couple of people and this is what they said to various questions. We asked lots of people of what they thought about friendship and school rules, including a 6th former called Emma for her opinion about friendship and the school rules. We asked several questions, such as “What do you want your friends to be like?” and “How do you feel about school rules? “Students and teachers had lots of interesting ideas about friendship. Luckily, everyone had very positive answers and we looked forward to sharing them with you in our friendship blog, so here is a summary of what people said.

We interviewed a very important person to our school, Mrs Hannaford, the head teacher. She told us that friends are important because you always need someone to understand how you feel and someone who is fun, caring, and supportive.

We also interviewed some students of Y3 & Y4 about what they thought about friendship; firstly we interviewed Tilly and Navreet from Year 3. They were very positive about their answers and thought deeply about the school rules. After that we moved to Year 4, with Alana and Lara who also thought deeply about friendship and school rules.

School Council and Eco reps help to keep friends together, they also help us keep the school from falling apart (please insert a link to the school council and eco blog).


Friendship in action  



Thank you for reading our fantastic blog about perfect pals and friendly school rules. We hope we helped you in making friends in Derby High and keeping to the school rules!