Bring It On!!
By Emma C, Chloe C & Esther W

Welcome to Competitions and Tournaments, brought to you by Chloe, Emma and Esther.

We have been searching around the school for pure talent, and we think we have found the best of the best! You will be amazed at the amount of competitions and tournaments that Derby High School pupils have competed in. We have interviewed some of the talented pupils that have taken part. First is James in Year 4, who is passionate about sport and chess. He has been to an astounding 3 chess tournaments, 2 rugby tournaments and is really looking forward to competing in a football tournament!

We have also interviewed Lottie, one of our classmates. Lottie has a quite competitive character and plays a lot of netball. Let’s see what Lottie thinks about competing in school tournaments:

“I really enjoy representing the school in netball tournaments with my friends, including my sporty companion, Daisy.   


This year has been very eventful. Of course, we can’t do any of competitions or tournaments without our wonderful teachers, as they enter us in and transport us to the various places we need to go to. The junior pupils have been rehearsing hard for the House Dance Competition, which will take place on Monday 12th June 2017. This fantastic event was organised by the School Council reps and Mrs Courtney Hale. Click here to read “Everyone Deserves a chance” by Josie, Priya, Eva and Niamh.

Derby High pupils don’t just participate in sport tournaments though! This year, Year 5 pupils have taken part in Young Writers (Once upon a Dream) and Crazy Creatures writing competitions. For the Young Writers contest, everyone had to write a poem about Dreams. This could be a specific dream, or dreams in general. It certainly reflected how different we all are and how much our writing skills have improved throughout our time at Derby High School. For the crazy creature competition, we had to use our imaginations to design and write a 100 word story about, a made up creature. Miraculously, every person who took part had their writing published in books!

Let’s hear what Chi Chi had to say about the writing competitions: “I really enjoyed writing my saga (story) and poem. I found out lots of new words that I will use in my future writing.”

If you want to see the blog that this talented young writer was involved in, then click here to read A Year Later.

Thank you for reading.

The Art Competition 2017

Gymnastics Competition Certificate