Derby High Behind the Scenes
By Emma S, Natalie, Sophia & Sophie

Welcome to Derby High behind the Scenes

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Emma S, Natalie, Sophia & Sophie


In our blog we have recently been interviewing a variety of staff and pupils; the results from different interviews show what a friendly and happy environment Derby High School is!

Here is a quote from Emma, a six former on her last day. “I love the school because it has made me more independent and I have gained many new friends”

In our blog we have been interviewing different people from around school and finding out how life in and out of school is like for them. We even collected information from our Head teacher (Mrs. Gould) which was quite interesting.

Mrs Gould interview

Pupil: What are your hobbies?

Mrs Gould: I love reading; I always have a good book with me. I used to play the piano and flute but I don’t play so often now. I love taking my dog for a walk.

Pupil: Do you enjoy your job?

Mrs Gould: Yes I love my job because I get to work with people. I can support people and see children grow. I also like to meet new people.

Pupil: Have you had a different job before?

Mrs Gould: - Yes when I was young I used to work at an army service store which sold old army belongings and camping facilities.

Pupil: Do you enjoy working with children?

Mrs Gould: Yes because children have fresh and new ideas.

Pupil: What do you do during the day at work?

Mrs Gould: I go to meetings to make decisions about the school and sometimes, I go to different events representing Derby High School. Every now and then I like to go and visit students and hold assemblies.


Year 5 Pupil – Maddie F a new pupil

Emma S: How has school been for you?

Maddie: It was a bit difficult at first but I made friends.

Emma S: Has it been hard academic wise is there anything you had to get used to?

Maddie: My old school didn’t have prefects so that was a bit weird for me.


Sixth former - Emma on her last day.

Emma S: How has Derby High School helped you?

Emma: It’s made me more independent and I have made more friends.

Emma S: What has been your favourite trip?

Emma: London.

Emma S: What has been your favourite subject?

Emma: Music and Art.

Emma S: What has been your favourite teacher?

Emma: Mrs Chapman.

Emma S: Have you got a descriptive quote of how much you love Derby High School?

Emma: I love the school because it has made me independent and I have made lots of friends.


Teacher assistant- Mrs Hichcock

Emma: Mrs Hichcock, what has been your best day or memory?

Mrs Hichcock: Probably moving from kindergarten to juniors.

Emma: What was it like when you first became a teaching assistant?

Mrs Hitchcock: Very stressful

Emma: What is your most important job?

Mrs Hichcock: Looking after the children, making sure they are safe and happy!

Mrs. Gould has been our Head teacher for almost 4 years now; she joined after our previous Head master Mr. Callaghan, left to work in a Kazakhstani school.  Mrs. Gould is a very lively Head teacher and her assemblies are always very inspiring and motivating.

After the half term Mrs. Liddle came back from a maternity leave. She has been with us for 6 years. She is a very helpful teaching assistant.