Get Stuck in a Book
By Zara, Cadence, Eliza & Arpita

Libraries have mind-boggling books to learn brilliant facts and stimulate your imagination. Our Junior Library also has lots of inspiring books, from many different genres. The fiction section has an array of different authors such as Cressida Cowell, Roald Dahl, Anthony Horrowitz, Michael Morpurgo, and Berlie Doherty. In the non-fiction section it is very varied and they are split up into different parts such as science, art and also music. The new infant building has a library too. Please click here to visit a blog about our new Infant building: A Year Later by Diya, Shaan and Chi-Chi.


Read For My School

Read for my school is a challenge to read as many books as you can in a certain amount of time. Each pupil is given their own username and password which means you can always access the book you are reading. Also the website logs which book you are reading or have read. The reading challenge has inspired children to read more and enjoy new authors.



Young Writers

Young Writers is a writing competition for years three and upwards to express their love of writing. You have to write about a certain subject, for example, crazy creatures, once upon a dream poems and more. The Once upon a Dream poems were either about a dream that pupils have had or a dream, they’ve made up. It could also be about dreams in general. Crazy Creatures was a competition to write about a creature with an optional magic power. This is a quote from one of the contestants, ‘I wrote a story about Boggle the Hairy Monster and it was really fun to do. I would definitely enter again!’ commented Alexa in Year 5.

As you can see we enjoy entering competitions and we are still finding out the results for the latest competition Descriptosaurous Time Machine. If you are interested in finding out about more competitions click this link to Emma C, Chloe and Esther W’s Bring It On section.   

In each classroom there is a mini bookcase so if children are stuck for books they can always find a book either in the library or in the bookcase.


Here we interviewed Mrs Swainston for her opinion about the library and what her favourite book is.

What is your favourite book?

‘I never have a favourite book, it is always the one I am reading at the time. My favourites have to include Roald Dahl's Autobiography, Boy, because it showed me where he got his story ideas from. I also really like Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful because it makes me cry! I am currently enjoying How to Train your Dragon which I am sharing with Year 3.’

What do you think about the library? Do you like it? 

‘Yes I do.’



These are quotes from the schools biggest book lovers, Natalie said ‘my favourite book would probably have to be the World’s Worst Children, I would rate it 10/10’, Maya commented ‘I love the book Demon Dentist because it gives you a mix of excitement and fear.’ Jameet told us ‘I really like the Harry Potter Series because it has a lot of fantasy and it is really magical.’

There are many fairs over the year that get you stuck in a book for example the Book Fair on 25th May.


Mrs Hannaford said that the library is ‘inviting to come in and choose a book from and there is a mix of fictional and non-fictional books.’

So as you can see, we all love reading here at Derby High and enjoy the competitions that include reading and writing.  So if you want fun, adventure and a little bit of fantasy, get reading!!