Cool Clubs
By Evie, Alexa & Ayesha

At Derby High School we have a wide range of thrilling clubs. From sports to board games, there is an amazing mixture of fun and exciting activities that will suit anyone’s personality.

Not only do we have many clubs, but some of them have tournaments, such as Quiz Club, Tag Rugby, Choir, Chess and many more. Click here to find more about the competitions and tournaments we hold and enter (a blog by Chloe and Emma C). 

Our sporty teachers, such as Mr Gould, Mrs Swainston and Mr Horne, hold many sports clubs, such as Tag Rugby, Netball and Football.

Premier Sports holds a different club every half-term, such as: Handball, Dodgeball, and many, many more! These clubs give the students an amazing opportunity to experience sportsmanship, learn new skills, and have fun.

Another dazzling activity is Theatre Club, where you learn entertaining songs and learn fabulous dance moves and actions to them for Year 5 and 6 to enjoy. This fantastic club inspires students aged 9-11 to reach their full potential in acting, singing and performance skills. Mrs Evans-Bolger and Mrs Soutar, our talented teachers, run this club and make it even more enjoyable.

Mrs Evans-Bolger says: “I love running Theatre Club, it’s lots of fun!”

The best part about Theatre Club is “You get to find your true personality of drama and have a spectacular time. “  This is what Madeleine and Louisa in Year 5 thought.

Another one of our phenomenal clubs is Football. There are 3 types of Football at DHS, Year 3 and 4 Football club, Year 5 and 6 Football club and, Derby County Football Club. We also compete in different football tournaments take a look at the link by Emma. C, Chloe and Esther.W which is located above.

Our Football teacher Mr Horne says: “I wouldn’t run a club if I didn’t like it! The best part of Football club is that I feel happy when I see everyone making great progress each week.”

Adan (Year 4): “Football club is fun and exciting and I enjoy wearing my own Manchester City kit whilst training at school.”

We have many other fun clubs that everyone enjoys; one of the most popular ones is Art Club, which is open to students from Year 3 to Year 6. You can craft a variety of incredible things and pupils seem to truly enjoy it. ‘The best part of Art club is that you can use your imagination.’ This is what Madeline, aged 8, thinks about Art club.

Here are some pictures of the inventive and original designs that we made at Art Club.


Another fantastic club is Choir! In this popular club, we sing a variety of songs -  some sombre & subtle and some open & loud. Everyone is working towards singing at big concerts and events such as Young Voices and St Peters Church.

Mrs Soutar says: “I love running Choir, it is the highlight of my week.”

Natalie (Y5) says:” I think that Choir is a good opportunity for people who are quite shy to open up.”

One more marvellous club is Quiz Club! In Quiz Club you compete in daily quizzes and try to make it to the finals.

Olisa in Year 3 says: “I really liked Quiz Club. I have made it to the championships and it’s very helpful, because you learn new facts every week and this is very helpful to use in school.”

As you can see, we are very imaginative students and love the superb clubs at Derby High!

Yamato (Wrens):  “Yoga makes me feel happy and I pretend to be a cat!”

Yoga is a popular choice in the infant building. The children pretend to do yoga and impersonate an animal at the same time.


Harry Year 1 “Go Noodle is where you dance to good music where people are dancing on the screen and you copy the dance moves.”

Go Noodle is quite popular in the infant building and lots of people attend!

Thank you for reading our blog.