A Year Later
By Chi Chi, Shaan & Diya

One year later the Infant Building has had its first anniversary, the boys and girls love the big, spacious, new building. Of course the teachers and staff love it too!

 Our New Infant building

The huge idea started on a piece of paper and now it has now grown to be a terrific school.  Mrs Hannaford said, ‘I was very excited after the new building was built and I am very proud it.’

The children are always hard at work in their new classrooms, which are big bright and exciting.

The Playground

The infants were very excited when they were told that they were having a new playground. The Wrens now have a separate place to play outside. The playground is big, fun and enjoyable for all of the children but we will still miss the old playground.

Roshan age 6 said the ‘Playground is bigger and better.’


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Infant Reading area

The new building is very exciting and all of the pupils absolutely love it! It took a while, but it was certainly worth it and everyone is extremely happy!

In the infants reading is very popular and the children love to dive into a book. There is a whole range of books place in the infant’s library and a lot of space to read.


The classrooms in the infant building are very spacious and are very bright and vibrant and there are always colourful displays and the children in the infants love their classrooms and so do the teachers.

Zini and Prisha in year two said ‘Our classrooms are bigger, nice and spacious.’


As you can see the teachers and the infants love their new building.