New Building

We are delighted that the new infant and nursery building is now finished and the children are in!

The new building now houses our primary pupils from pre-school to Year Two. It is two storeys high with eight classrooms, a hall and additional outside learning space.

The construction team have been on site since April and the steelwork went up straight after the school broke up for the summer holidays in July.  The project was completed on time ready for us to move in before the end of January.

Michelle Hannaford, our Head of Primary, has been very much looking forward to this development for the school. “We are very excited to have created a modern, spacious environment for the boys and girls and to have enhanced our provision for the primary-aged children at Derby High. We also used the building work to learn more about the construction process with the pupils.”


**Update 25th January 2016**

We are in!

Bowmer and Kirkland officially handed the building over to us on Friday afternoon after which followed a very busy weekend of moving and unpacking so that our new school building would be ready for the children's arrival on Monday morning!  The children are all now settling into their fantastic new surroundings and getting used to having a lot more space than the old Kindergarten building could afford.  Pegs have been allocated, a fire drill practice completed and the staff and children of Derby High Primary can now enjoy using their purpose built infant school building for many years to come.



**Update 15th December 2015**

Our new infant school building is nearly finished!  So nearly finished, in fact, that our pupils were treated to a very special visitor last week, who appeared on the roof before inviting the children inside (for the first time!) and delivering gifts.  

Our thanks go to 'Builder John' of Bowmer & Kirkland for arranging the visit. Who knew he had friends in such high places?!

The rendering and cladding on the new bulding looks really super.


**Update 6th November 2015**

Once again we were amazed to see the progress made over the half term break.  The new building now has windows and looks as if it has been stuck together with red sticky tape!  This is not the final appearance, with insulation to be applied to the walls and rendering, by this time next month it will look completely different again!

Year 2 were treated to a visit from Bowmer & Kirkland's Site Manager John Dawson (aka 'Builder John'!) who gave them a very interesting talk all about construction.


**Update 1st October 2015**

Our new building now has walls both externally and internally.  Prospective parents were offered tours of the building on Open Morning and we are now able to see exactly where each of the classrooms will be.  Over the course of the next couple of months Bowmer & Kirkland will be installing approximately 2,500 plaster boards into the new infant and nursery facility!


**Update 9th September 2015**

Concrete has been poured into the structure to create flooring on both storeys.  Mrs Hannaford has, today, been inside the building for the first time!


**Update 13th August 2015**

Vast progress has been made on the new building since the end of the summer term.  The steelwork has been erected and as the photos show the building is really starting to take shape!

**Update 1st July 2015**

All foundations are now completed.  Bricklayers are working on the walls to the ramp area in the Junior playground.

The steelwork will begin once school has broken up for the holidays.  It will start going up on Monday 13th July and it is envisaged that this will take two weeks and two days to complete.  In total, the new building will contain 67 tonnes of steelwork.

By the time we return from the summer holidays the new building will actually be taking shape!


**Update 4th June 2015**

The team started laying the foundations for the new Infant Building on Monday.  The process of laying the foundations will last for the next 4-6 weeks before the steelwork goes up early in the summer holidays.

During the next 4 weeks Bowmer & Kirkland will be laying approximately 280mᵌ of concrete on the site.


**Update 21st May 2015**

This week we held a ground breaking ceremony to mark the start of the building work taking place. Kitted out in hi-vis jackets and hard hats some of our Primary children were delighted to help dig the first few shovels of mud in preparation for our new Infant Building.

The children have also taken part in a 'name the digger' competition, organised by Bowmer & Kirkland. The winning entries were: Lucky, Diggersaurus Rex and Wreckit Ralph.


**Update 12th May 2015**

Each Primary class now has a hanging basket (made out of a hard hat) dedicated to them and hanging on the Bowmer & Kirkland board outside the site office.  The children had great fun planting the hanging helmets and we look forward to seeing them bloom as the new building starts to take shape.